Our Approach



Our focus is on sustainably closing the gap between actual and potential profit performance of fundamentally strong businesses…

We target control investments in consistently profitable Canadian businesses that will benefit from Carpedia’s track record of increasing profits by 3% to 5% of revenue. Through a collaborative partnership with management, which empowers their success, our approach generates:

  • Improvement in productivity through changes in process, system, behaviour and products
  • Expanded revenue capacity through increased productivity
  • Increased sales through structured outbound sales efforts and enhanced sales team productivity

In addition, we contribute to the development of:

  • Business strategy and enhancement of competitive advantage
  • The management team and their compensation plan
  • Governance, risk management, financial reporting and budgeting processes
  • Capital allocation, acquisition and growth capex strategies
  • Balance sheet and refinancing matters

…By leveraging Carpedia’s consulting capabilities

We extensively use the industry knowledge and innovation of the Carpedia consulting team – from pre-closing analysis to supplement our diligence to post-closing implementation to create sustainable operational improvement – in pursuing our investment strategy.